Sunday, April 20, 2014

boca grande adventures

For spring break, my family, boyfriend, and I traveled 1,300 miles south to Boca Grande, Florida. While the car ride was long (24 hours in a car with siblings), the final destination was completely worth it. Boca Grande is a small, quaint island on the Gulf side of Florida, mainly occupied by retired couples donning Lilly Pulitzer. It's quiet, beautiful, and the beaches are vast. I look forward to a week in this paradise yearly. To add to the experience,  the shopping is wonderful. Small stores line up along the main street, each featuring various madras and aquatic-inspired apparel. Vineyard vines, Southern Tide, and Jack Rogers, oh my!

Due to my lack of computer, I will be posting via iPhone and all photo content will be taken on my iPhone as well.

Each day I will be providing you with visual and verbal explanations of my day in paradise :)

Day 1: Today was mainly characterized by sleeping and church. Once fully awake, my sister, boyfriend, and I went on a bike ride to explorethe island. 

I've never actually seen vineyard vines in store, as it's quite rare in Michigan, so witnessing a large display in person rather than online shopping was really exciting.

a photograph of a random oceanfront house. I loved the palm tree placement, so I had to take a photo.

Upon visiting a local boutique, I discovered this gorgeous tunic, patterned with turtles and coral. Swoon.

Is my boyfriend the one in gingham or the blue Tshirt?

More turtle/coral tunics!

Pink and green. And whales. Essentially perfection.

Bike ride selfie. (Nearly fell off in attempt to take this)

A variety of Jack Rogers for sale.

I call him 'da bae'

All in all, today was a beautiful day. And it's not over yet. Happy Easter as well! 

Have a beautiful day,


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