Monday, April 28, 2014

watermelon flamingo.

After this post, you can no longer say you're unaware of my fruit-on-clothing obsession. First it was the vineyard vines Watermelon Embroidered Shorts, and now it's the Watermelon Embroidered Shep Shirt. I can't get enough. It seems that a large amount of their spring and summer collections, which have me drooling, feature various embroidered fruits. (I've got my eyes on the Citrus Margo Skirt next). Without further adieu, enjoy the collection of photos of my darling shep shirt and I on the beach.

Have a beautiful day,


Sunday, April 27, 2014

turtle traffic.

After a 24 hour drive, I am officially back in Michigan. It seems the state has welcomed me home with a week of predicted rain and cold temperatures.. Sigh. On the bright side, I do have a plethora of outfits to share with you from over Spring Break!

The first outfit (and possibly favorite) features a lovely tunic patterned with coral and turtles. Throughout the day, I adjusted the outfit, alternating between wearing the tunic as a dress and wearing it as a shirt with shorts. I purchased the tunic (by Gretchen Scott Designs) at a local boutique at Boca Grande and I'm already in love. The pattern is darling and the tunic is very lightweight and comfortable.  Also, I might add it hides a painful sunburn rather nicely. While available in 4 colors, I (now regretfully) purchased one.

As I had tortoises all over my tunic, I naturally had to pose with a "Gopher Tortoise Crossing" sign.

Have a beautiful day!


Friday, April 25, 2014

boca grande adventures: day 6

Our last full day in Florida was spent traveling to Naples for a visit to the zoo turned into a shopping trip. 

It was incredibly hot and most of my time was spent gawking at turtles.

Turtles, coral, and navy, oh my!

A dying of heat zoo selfie!

We then visited the Waterside shopping area in Naples. Cue the drooling. A large vineyard vines and Lilly pulitzer sale was occurring. Naturally, I stopped by the sale and in the stores.

The shorts I went home with - vineyard vines whale patchwork shorts!

Yes I know.. My shirt of the day doesn't match the shorts.

We then walked to Ben and Jerry's and indulged in some ice cream :)

Le boyfriend licking his cherry Garcia ice cream.

My cookie dough ice cream :)

The day ended with one last walk down the beach at sunset.

It's been a beautiful week. I hope yours was!

And of course,

Have a beautiful day!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

boca grande adventures: day 3

Afraid of sunburns and the salt water, I spent the day in a golf cart and a baseball hat, venturing into the outskirts of boca grande.

It began with 2 scoops of handmade ice cream from a local shop. Birthday cake for me and Triple Berry for the boyfriend.

I roamed the island via golf cart in neon yellow/green JCrew chinos, a brown belt, a turquoise scalloped tank, and a navy Vineyard Vines baseball cap for sun protection.

Birthday Cake and Triple Berry!

All the options of ice cream.

A celebratory selfie with said ice cream.

The day continued with a golf cart ride into the private, mansion-filled streets of Boca Grande. Most of the celebrities/wealthy people were away in the North, so I was able to take photos with the houses.

I found a gopher tortoise on the way :)

Sigh. The beauty.

My favorite house I've seen. The design was so contemporary. Plus, it's currently on sale for $4,600,000. What a steal!

A line of Palm trees. Fun fact: If you're in an exceptionally large house and you plant a certain number of Palm trees, your property taxes will be lowered considerably.

Think I can get a house loan at 16? No. Okay. 

Me posing with 1/8 of Harrison Ford's mansion. So essentially I'm now famous. I will soon photoshop him and I in front of it.

Before returning to relax and indulge in a few episodes of Family Fued, we all stopped at The Palm for some Lilly pulitzer window shopping. 

The sale :)

On a walk on the beach, my boyfriend jokingly asked me to Prom in the sand, as our high school only hosts a senior prom and neither of us are seniors.

Update: my sun burn has died down thanks to 5,000,000 lbs of aloe vera.

Have a beautiful day! 


Monday, April 21, 2014

boca grande adventures: day 2

Our second day on the island was spent frolicking through town via bicycle and basking in the sun. As of now, the day has given me beautiful memories, a new tunic, and a massive sunburn. Pardon me, I must go legally change my middle name to Tomato.

A panorama shot of the beach. While my body reacted to the salt water, it was gorgeous.

My sister, boyfriend, and I on the beach and in the house we are staying in for the week. Notice the new tunic- I decided on purchasing the navy turtle/light blue coral tunic by Gretchen Scott Designs. I love it so dearly.

A random jar of hand cream I found in a boutique, packaged with whales.

A suspiciously familiar whale on a metal storage bin. I would take it home to Michigan, but I don't have a beach house..

Drawn in by a sale, I tested out Lilly Pulitzer jeans in a fun print. Unfortunately, they didn't fit. And I know, my shirt doesn't match. 

Appreciating the ingenious packaging design that is Sun Bum. 

My outfit of the day! For a bike ride around the island, I paired JCrew 3" Chinos with a Jcrew Tshirt, a brown belt, and a vineyard vines tote to carry all my belongings.

The day ended with an indulgent slice of caramel custard cake (and a hint of my sister's mango key lime pie) and a golf cart ride touring the island, tinted orange from the sunset.

I hope you're not finishing the day as burnt as I am right now.

Have a beautiful day!