Monday, April 21, 2014

boca grande adventures: day 2

Our second day on the island was spent frolicking through town via bicycle and basking in the sun. As of now, the day has given me beautiful memories, a new tunic, and a massive sunburn. Pardon me, I must go legally change my middle name to Tomato.

A panorama shot of the beach. While my body reacted to the salt water, it was gorgeous.

My sister, boyfriend, and I on the beach and in the house we are staying in for the week. Notice the new tunic- I decided on purchasing the navy turtle/light blue coral tunic by Gretchen Scott Designs. I love it so dearly.

A random jar of hand cream I found in a boutique, packaged with whales.

A suspiciously familiar whale on a metal storage bin. I would take it home to Michigan, but I don't have a beach house..

Drawn in by a sale, I tested out Lilly Pulitzer jeans in a fun print. Unfortunately, they didn't fit. And I know, my shirt doesn't match. 

Appreciating the ingenious packaging design that is Sun Bum. 

My outfit of the day! For a bike ride around the island, I paired JCrew 3" Chinos with a Jcrew Tshirt, a brown belt, and a vineyard vines tote to carry all my belongings.

The day ended with an indulgent slice of caramel custard cake (and a hint of my sister's mango key lime pie) and a golf cart ride touring the island, tinted orange from the sunset.

I hope you're not finishing the day as burnt as I am right now.

Have a beautiful day! 


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