Tuesday, April 22, 2014

boca grande adventures: day 3

Afraid of sunburns and the salt water, I spent the day in a golf cart and a baseball hat, venturing into the outskirts of boca grande.

It began with 2 scoops of handmade ice cream from a local shop. Birthday cake for me and Triple Berry for the boyfriend.

I roamed the island via golf cart in neon yellow/green JCrew chinos, a brown belt, a turquoise scalloped tank, and a navy Vineyard Vines baseball cap for sun protection.

Birthday Cake and Triple Berry!

All the options of ice cream.

A celebratory selfie with said ice cream.

The day continued with a golf cart ride into the private, mansion-filled streets of Boca Grande. Most of the celebrities/wealthy people were away in the North, so I was able to take photos with the houses.

I found a gopher tortoise on the way :)

Sigh. The beauty.

My favorite house I've seen. The design was so contemporary. Plus, it's currently on sale for $4,600,000. What a steal!

A line of Palm trees. Fun fact: If you're in an exceptionally large house and you plant a certain number of Palm trees, your property taxes will be lowered considerably.

Think I can get a house loan at 16? No. Okay. 

Me posing with 1/8 of Harrison Ford's mansion. So essentially I'm now famous. I will soon photoshop him and I in front of it.

Before returning to relax and indulge in a few episodes of Family Fued, we all stopped at The Palm for some Lilly pulitzer window shopping. 

The sale :)

On a walk on the beach, my boyfriend jokingly asked me to Prom in the sand, as our high school only hosts a senior prom and neither of us are seniors.

Update: my sun burn has died down thanks to 5,000,000 lbs of aloe vera.

Have a beautiful day! 


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