101 in 1001.

Start Date: August 12th, 2014
End Date: May 9th, 2017

1. Purchase a 2-Door, Soft Top Jeep Wrangler, preferably in Cherry Red or Hunter Green.
2. Have an unforgettable Senior Spring Break.
3. Obtain a six pack. The amount of time that I keep these muscles for is not relevant.
4. Apply to Harvard and frame the rejection letter.
5. Apply to University of Michigan, and hopefully, frame the acceptance letter.
6. Get a 5 on an AP Exam. Yes, AP Lunch counts.
7. Graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA.
8. Get my teeth whitened.
9. Finish writing this list.
10. Actually finish all the tasks on this list.
11. Succeed with my business, Deco Naturals. Success can be defined when I feel I've achieved it.
12. Find a prom dress I feel stunning in.
13. Get my hair professionally styled.
14. In my entrepreneurship class, learn as much as possible and earn an A+.
15. Earn a 1st place MIPA award for design or writing.
16. Don as many honor cords as possible during my graduation ceremony.
17. Ensure that each car in my family has a Vineyard Vines whale sticker on it.
18. Execute a gorgeous Homecoming float.
19. Pull a "Senior Sweep" in all categories during my final high school homecoming parade.
20. Save up enough money to have an amazing "Annual Birthday Shopping Spree" with Haley.
21. Move into University.
22. Beautifully decorate my living space during college.
23. Join a sorority.
24. Attend one high school party before I graduate.
25. Go vegan for a week alongside my best friend Haley from Frippery Frou Frou to support her dreams of going vegan for a week.
26. Purchase a domain for this blog.
27. Go on a spontaneous Jeep adventure with Haley.
28. Go on a spontaneous Jeep adventure with Garrett.
29. Visit Hilton Head and return with a Salty Dog Cafe shirt.
30. Visit Martha's Vineyard.
31. Break another swimming record.
32. Wear my retainer every night for a month.

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