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I don't think I could ever encompass my entire self in one page, but I sure can try. My name is Gabrielle and I adore lists.. which is exactly why I will be telling you about myself in bullet points!

  • I currently reside in Michigan, the mitten-shaped state that defies all that we truly understand about weather. C'mon, a snow shower in the middle of April?
  • I have an elderly, ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the name of Lucky. I named him after a character on my Nintendo DS.
  • For every article of clothing I own, I have a similar style of piece in seersucker. You'd be surprised at the large variety of apparel made in seersucker. And I mean very surprised.
  • I founded and currently own a business, Deco Naturals. Driven by my passion for entrepreneurship and craving for the perfect lip butter, I created a line of 100% natural, handmade beauty products. I currently craft 20 flavors of lip butters and lip scrubs, available at local boutiques.
  • I have two siblings: a sister and a brother. While they look older than me (I guess I got the short genes), I promise I am the eldest child.
  • I was a varsity swimmer until a leg injury prevented me from further pursuing the sport.
  • After over 4 years of studying spanish, I'd like to think I am semi-capable of speaking the language fluently.
  • Packaging design and graphic design make me joyful. Completely and utterly joyful.
  • When I'm not in school..I'm still at school..doing every extracurricular under the sun. I can't help it! I love people and I love being so involved with my high school, even if it means some stress.

Of course there's more to me, but which aspects do I share? If you want to know more, feel free to email me! I'd love to be friends!

Have a beautiful day,


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