Wednesday, January 22, 2014

punny valentine's cards.

There's two big things in life that bring me joy: puns and cartoon fruits with faces. So for Valentine's Day, I combined the two to create a few cards that put a smile on my face. I encourage you to print out a few and give them anonymously (or with identification) to a few friends/MORE THAN FRIENDS.

Just click on the photo and save it!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

vivid workouts.

If you're similar to me, the hope of having a nice body isn't enough to motivate me to workout on a regular basis. With homework, semester finals, and business, I find it challenging to find the time and energy to exercise daily. One thing, however, can motivate me like no other: clothing. In my eyes, one effect of exercise should be happiness and satisfaction. Why not feel those emotions towards the clothing you exercise in? While it's unrealistic to spend hundreds of dollars on exercise clothing, it's still simple to look as great as you feel while exercising for a reasonable price.

So, I have compiled a list of all my favorite exercise pieces that don't feature a tear-inducing price tag.

SUGGESTION: I won't deny it, I'm a Maxxinista. TJMaxx has wonderful, vivid exercise apparel for a small cost around this time of year.

Personally, I tend to lean towards colorful, neon exercise apparel, a color scheme that heavily contrasts my everyday style. Neons and fun patterns have a cheerful essence about them that allows me to actually enjoy the work out. Below I only included shorts and sports bras, as I find they are essential. I see no purpose in purchasing shirts when I have a plethora of loose t-shirts already on hand. Click on the small icons of each item to visit its original location!

Working Out.

One last thing to say....

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Whale-Y Good Christmas.

Happy New Year! Hopefully the 9 days of 2014 you've experienced have been exceptional.

Now, as you may deduce from the title, this post will feature Christmas. However, as you may guess from the equally lame and clever whale pun above, this post simply feature Vineyard Vines' signature pink whale. Every other aspect of Christmas was "WHALE-Y" good too, but I decided to dedicate this post to the smiling pink whales I opened on Christmas Day.

Necessary Disclaimer: This entry's purpose is not to brag, but rather provide enjoyment to those that are interested. 


As you scroll down, the photos get artsier.
Likely the cutest box I have ever seen.

And despite the lack of Vineyard Vines, I have to include this Christmas photo because, well... It's House!

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

this is winter.

While for me, winter is consistent with 'semester exams' and 'more studying', the snowy season also consists of fond memories. In this moment, I will share the most recent ones with you, dear reader.
Simply training for the 2018 winter Olympics with my little sister. NOTE: I'm in the neon coat. Yes, the pink coat is my LITTLE sister.

Experiments with holiday cupcakes.

Santa really gets me.

Participating in a torturous tradition: placing candy onto a gingerbread house rather than placing it in your mouth.

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Stay Classy,


A recent thought sparked my motivation to begin blogging again.

So here I am, introducing myself to you.

My name is Gabrielle, but I don't take myself seriously enough to go by something as elegant. Gabi is my preference. I reside in Michigan, where the weather cannot seem to make up its mind. I am in the midst of conquering my sophomore year in high school surrounded by a wonderful group of friends.

In contrast to previous blogs, I will not be focusing solely on one specific topic. The Lobster Polo will reflect everything that I am. What does that mean?

Well, I have a romantic relationship with seersucker and scalloped clothing. I find plaid and Lilly Pulitzer prints delicious (in the non-edible way) and the only shoes I own are Sperry Topsiders and Jack Rogers.

When I'm not drowning in schoolwork, I enjoy indulging in photography alongside my trusty steed, a Canon DSLR. Velveeta Mac and Cheese is the extent of my cooking skills. In addition to the aforesaid, I take care of my own business, Deco Naturals (website).

As a Junior in high school, I cannot make any promises as to the schedule of my posting. However, attempts will be made. I have to get in to college after all!

When I say The Lobster Polo will be a reflection of myself, I imply that this blog's content will feature a plethora of topics, from fashion-centered posts to high school advice.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll embark on this digital journey with me :)