Wednesday, April 2, 2014

anchors and seersucker.

As of April's arrival, snow in Michigan has officially melted, leaving a layer of dead, brown-green shrubs exposed. Quite picturesque if you ask me (NOT). At least hope of a summer in the future now exists. Limited by the ever-changing temperature, my clothing selections reflect something along the lines of "Can it please be warm enough for shorts?" and "I don't care what I look like today." 

And today, you'll see, fell right in between. To represent my longing for summer, I donned a seersucker, anchor-printed oxford and gold Sperry Topsiders. However, admitting defeat against the temperature, I threw on jeans and a light brown belt.

Warmer weather is so close..

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger / Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger / Belt: Mysterious unknown brand?? 

Have a beautiful day,


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