Friday, April 25, 2014

boca grande adventures: day 6

Our last full day in Florida was spent traveling to Naples for a visit to the zoo turned into a shopping trip. 

It was incredibly hot and most of my time was spent gawking at turtles.

Turtles, coral, and navy, oh my!

A dying of heat zoo selfie!

We then visited the Waterside shopping area in Naples. Cue the drooling. A large vineyard vines and Lilly pulitzer sale was occurring. Naturally, I stopped by the sale and in the stores.

The shorts I went home with - vineyard vines whale patchwork shorts!

Yes I know.. My shirt of the day doesn't match the shorts.

We then walked to Ben and Jerry's and indulged in some ice cream :)

Le boyfriend licking his cherry Garcia ice cream.

My cookie dough ice cream :)

The day ended with one last walk down the beach at sunset.

It's been a beautiful week. I hope yours was!

And of course,

Have a beautiful day!


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