Monday, May 19, 2014

the lobster polo.

Since my blog layout does not feature lobsters or polos.. I'm sure you've questioned my name once or twice. The Lobster Polo. What does that mean? What the heck?

Well, you can save your questions. I have the answers.

The name "The Lobster Polo" is actually quite literal. No metaphors here. I named my blog after my favorite Tommy Hilfiger Polo. It was a deep navy, excluding the light blue and red accents to the collar, and featured an embroidered lobster pattern. There's not exactly a specific sentiment behind the polo that inspired the name, other than the laughs and smiles experienced in it surrounded by friends and family.

An old photo, but the Lobster Polo nonetheless!

Now that my name is cleared up, I just want to quickly apologize for my brief absence. AP exams just finished and Finals are just around the corner..

You can expect a larger quantity of posts soon!

Have a beautiful day,


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