Sunday, May 11, 2014

lilly pulitzer dresses I wish existed.

For many of you, Prom recently occurred. And for many others, it's this weekend!

This got me thinking..What do I want to wear to Prom?

Now hold on. Before you shake your head and put your palm on your forehead - my Prom IS NOT this weekend. I did not procrastinate. In fact, this is being proactive. My Senior Prom will be in two years, not two days.

So, naturally, I searched the web for dream dresses rather than preparing for my AP Exams (Half because I felt confident, half because I couldn't stare at a book any longer). After about an hour of this, I decided I didn't really like anything on the market. I know, it's a huge problem two years before Prom :) So then I ventured to Lilly Pulitzer, a favorite brand of mine, and gawked at the dress below for a long period of time.

I don't love the price ($428 - Think of how many slices of pizza I could buy with that!), but I do love the print. However, it's a rather loose dress and doesn't exactly scream "Prom". But then, I looked at the shape of the dress without the sleeves and fell in love with what it could become. So, I drew up a quick model for the dress, printed out the pattern, and reignited my childhood memories of dressing up paper dolls! And the best part is.. the dress would not be IMPOSSIBLE to make out of the quantity of fabric provided in the original dress.

Don't get me wrong. I love the original dress. However, I feel that it's a bit too much fabric for a petite frame like myself to successfully don. I love the pattern and I love the length, I would just prefer it without the sleeves.

After playing around a bit, here's what I came up with:

They're likely not your traditional Prom dress, but I would be smiling all day if I was given the opportunity to turn these 'sketches' into a tangible dress.

So.. My birthday is August 18th. Is any one really good with scissors?


Have a beautiful day,


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