Wednesday, May 14, 2014

guest post: one shirt, 3 different looks.

{Good afternoon! Today I have a guest post for you all, written by the lovely Caroline. You can find her at and her instagram, @queenofthecloset}

Most of us are not Kardashians. We do not have giant walk in closets, sponsored clothes, or 1,000s of outfits to choose from every morning. Most of us repeat outfits using the same clothes each time. We know these go-to outfits look nice, but are they a bit over-worn? Today I will teach you how to take a favorite item in your closet and wear it with things you normally would not to places you usually wouldn’t.

The Shirt: 

A gray lace JCrew peplum top. Sold out, but similar here!

Why I love it:
Peplums are very versatile! They can be worn for a picnic, or even a school dance. They are very on trend and this one is a neutral color with minimum detail so you can wear it with a lot.

It is important to have pieces in your closet that look great with everything. Choosing outfits is very inconvenient if you have pants that only look good with one shirt or a dress that looks good with only one sweater.

Outfit 1: Formal 

Peplum tops look great with pencil skirts and give an outfit a very preppy and formal approach. They can be worn to fancy events without making you look over or under dressed. My necklace is also from JCrew seen here!

Outfit 2: Casual 

As I said before, peplums can be changed up depending on the look you are going for. I paired mine with jeans and a cardigan for a casual, but put together look. This is great for a day of shopping or just hanging out.

Outfit 3: Dress it up or down 

I wasn’t quite sure how to classify this look because it can be dressed up or down. Patterned pants are adorable for a day at school, but can be worn for a nice restaurant. Any neutral color peplum looks great with them. Belting the peplum also gives different life to the shirt.

See, its easy to mix up outfits! With proper motivation and inspiration you can mix up your usual wardrobe. Knowing that pieces can be styled very differently can give you hope to at least dress like you are a Kardashian, even if you aren’t!

{ Thank you, Caroline for your lovely post - Have a beautiful day every one,


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