Monday, August 11, 2014

beans, beans, the magical boot.


I, soon, must accept that the harsh reality of summer's end. Michigan's infamous ever-changing temperatures are among us. Summer homework deadlines, schedules, the dreaded summer tan to pale complexion transformation: There's a lot to dislike about September. One thing that softens the pain of September's arrival? The lack of judgement associated with downing cider daily and...*drumroll please*....

The Bean Boots.

Beans, Beans, the magical boot. The more you buy..the more your wallet will..cry?

My "sick rhymes" aside, it's duck {boot} hunting season! As you relish in the final moments of August, it's essential to pick your perfect pair in preparation for the cold months ahead. Each time Autumn rolls around, the boots are sold out, leaving my feet cold and anxious for the next season I am able to purchase these beauties.

Set a reminder in your phone. Write it on your hand. Tape a note to the fridge.

Regardless of the means in which you do remind yourself, purchase your Bean Boots NOW, or forever (until next year) hold your peace.

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