Tuesday, July 22, 2014

senior spring break day dreams.

Three words: Senior Spring Break. 

Upon my entrance to high school, a high school student's final spring break had been established as a right of passage prior to entering college. 

Your best friends? Check.
A tropical location? Check. 
A Wi-Fi connection to validate the existence of your trip through Instagram? Check.
Sunscreen? Not so check. I'll buy it when we get there.

While I am entering my junior year of high school with a year and a half until my final spring break, my closest senior friends are booking their flights and resorts. Naturally, my best friend at Frippery Frou Frou (She's just about as cute as the name of her blog) and I endlessly discussed the possible destinations of our break in the distant future. And okay, I must admit, all the trips aren't the most reasonably priced for a 16-year-old. However, by saving up small amounts over time in addition to the likely lottery win, Haley and I are bound to embark on at least one of the following adventures with friends in our lifetime.

Let's get a new hashtag trending. #Resortporn anyone?

The Iniala Beach House - Thailand

Go get a dictionary. Find the adjective 'luxurious'. Look to the right of the page. There you will find photos of the Iniala Beach house.The fact that the Kardashian's once vacationed here aside, the Iniala Beach House is utterly gorgeous, featuring a variety of contemporary architecture. One's stay (starting at $3500/night for a villa) includes a personal chef, butler, driver, and massage therapist in addition to the included meals, spa services, and social events. If I am ever granted the opportunity to visit this location, you'll likely find me utilizing the 6-hour spa credit or lounging in the plush private movie theatre chairs. One can dream, right?

 Ladera Resort - St. Lucia

Nestled in the Caribbean lies this gorgeous resort, well-known for its spectacular views. To my surprise, the Ladera Resort is listed on Expedia, an occurrence that gives me hope that I can one day afford a stay here (I'd still need a few thousand).The Mitten provides consistent elevation, excluding the occasional hill, so a trip to a location scattered with mountains would be breathtaking and completely new. 

Jade Mountain - St. Lucia

Oops. Another location in St. Lucia! I can't help myself. Jade Mountain, a luxury resort, prides itself in each room's infinity pool with a priceless view of the mountains...If only the cost was as well.

The Boulders - Arizona

As a famous animated donkey once said, "I like that boulder. That's a nice boulder." I resonate with ya, Donkey! The picture below says it all. Golf, a spa, a pool, and boulders. Boulders that are seemingly lit exquisitely at night. Nuff' said.

Hotel Del Coronado - California

Maybe I like the hotel, or maybe I just aspire to be a California Girl like Katy Perry. Regardless, the unique shopping experience, luxurious rooms, and vast beaches and pools are intriguing. Haley has spoken highly of the hotel's grand interior. Just a few thousand per night..

At the end of writing this post, my mouth is salivating, my eyes are opening wide, and my wallet is sobbing. I hope you're doing 2/3 of the aforementioned.


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