Wednesday, July 2, 2014

beach please: how to naturally lighten hair.

Lately I've caught myself dreaming of hair in a lighter, more vibrant hue. However, I'm a hair dye virgin. Never has a concoction intended to tint my hair graced my tresses. And for now, I plan for it to remain that way. Putting lemon juice in my hair is the extent of my hair coloring experience. As a natural born bleach blonde, I've dreaded the inevitable darkening of the vibrant blonde hair of my childhood.

Thus, I present to you "How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair". Achieve gorgeous color this summer, without harsh chemicals and dyes.


This method requires a deep conditioning treatment following, but the results are worth it. I swear by this method of brightening highlights and illuminating my overall shade. Begin with 4 lemons sliced in to halves. Squeeze the lemon juice directly into hair OR squeeze the lemon juice in to a bowl. Once all lemons are squeezed into a bowl, distribute into hair. Go outside into direct sunlight (with sunscreen on your face and body, of course!) until hair is dry to the touch. Once hair is cleansed and dried, the lemon's effects will show. The naturally acidic lemon juice bleaches hair subtly, resulting in your hair's new, lighter shade. Bleach can be damaging, however. I highly encourage indulging in a hydrating mask for hair soon after your lemon treatment.


Caca Marron
Caca Marron Hair Henna by Lush gives hair a rich, chestnut glow. Lush describes this henna shade as the "perfect balance of a daring red and a more modest rich brown." meant to condition and increase shine.

Caca Brun
Caca Brun Hair Henna by Lush deepens brown hair, conditions, and adds shine.


Caca Noir
Caca Noir Hair Henna by Lush, the darkest of all Lush hennas, will revitalize dark hair and leave it with a glossy sheen.


Caca Rouge
For a refreshing of vivid, red color, use Caca Rouge Hair Henna by Lush. Lush states, following use, "You're left with stunning, shiny and healthy-looking hair."

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