Monday, December 1, 2014

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.

Just as November 1st marks the first day of indulging in Christmas music, the day after Thanksgiving serves as my family's designated day to find a Christmas tree. Yeah; We're that family. 

We spent the evening adorning the pine tree with twinkling lights, shimmering golden stars, and glittering reindeer, a blend of Big Bang Theory (the only show ever available on our cottage's television) and holiday music echoing in the background. If you look closely, you'll notice the odd sentimental ornaments strewn throughout. This year, I decorated with a duck boot ornament as well as two childhood ornaments: a gumdrop and a hedgehog.

In terms of style, our tree is utterly shameful. Nothing is spaced correctly. The intended cohesive color theme is poorly executed. But it's our tree. I don't really know what I could even expect from my younger siblings anyways.

Without further adieu, my Christmas Tree.

* Trying to fix the chaotic placement of ornaments on our tree *

Have you gotten your tree yet? What's your favorite ornament with sentimental value?

With love,

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